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Since the thread is old but still writing to it for those who will stumbled here in search of this question as I did. This is much debated question in Service-oriented architecture SOA which needs much cleaner explanation for beginners. Executable Process Used in private business processes A central process which can be another Web service takes control of the involved Web services and coordinates the execution of different operations on the Web services involved in the operation The involved Web services do not “know” and do not need to know that they are involved in a composition process and that they are taking part in a higher-level business process. Only the central coordinator of the orchestration is aware of this goal, so the orchestration is centralized with explicit definitions of operations and the order of invocation of Web services. Multi-party Collaboration Choreography, in contrast, does not rely on a central coordinator. Rather, each Web service involved in the choreography knows exactly when to execute its operations and with whom to interact. Choreography is a collaborative effort focusing on the exchange of messages in public business processes. All participants in the choreography need to be aware of the business process, operations to execute, messages to exchange, and the timing of message exchanges. Orchestration From the perspective of composing Web services to execute business processes, orchestration is a more flexible paradigm and has the following advantages over choreography:

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It means that you should design your services to be as granular as possible to promote composability and reusability. It also means that these services should be stateless i. SOA is based on practices, not technology. If you define your architecture such as enough business logic is exposed as services again, no one is talking about technology here , then you will have SOA.

Semantic Web Services and Processes 1. Francisco Curbera 1, Amit Sheth 2,3, Kunal Verma 2 1 IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (USA) 2 LSDIS Lab, University of Georgia 3 Semagix, Inc (USA) Service Oriented Arc hitectures and Semantic Web Processes.

The central objective is to increase systems interoperability and adaptability by adding semantic annotations on service declarations and business processes, in order to capitalize on the information contained in ontologies. The following twofold approach has been undertaken: Its implementation allows us to publish semantically annotated declarations into a well-known service registry and make discovery queries regarding semantic concepts extracted from ontologies. Secondly, implementing a semantically aware business process execution engine able to conduct reasoning on processes where service requirements are expressed using ontological concepts.

It also supports a basic form of data adaptation. Web service composition and orchestration, interoperability, business process, dynamic configuration, adaptive systems, web-services, ontologies 1. Following current trends, these kinds of characteristics could be found in most of Thales future military and civilian activities. Take for example the need, on battlefield, to deploy an information and command system shared between several allies in an international coalition e.

Semantic Web Services Framework (SWSF) Overview

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Service chain discovery and recommendation are significant in services composition. A complex network module based algorithm using services invocable relations is proposed to search useful service chains on the network.

Furthermore, a new scheme for discovering composite services processes automatically and recommending service chains by ranking their QoS is provided. Simulations are carried out and the results indicate that some useful service chains in the dataset provided by the WSC can be found by the new algorithm. Introduction Web service was widely applied for its outstanding advantages like self-describing, self-containing, and easy deployment.

The Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL), commonly known as BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), is an OASIS standard executable language for specifying actions within business processes with web services. Processes in BPEL export and import information by using web service interfaces exclusively.

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A computer-implemented method includes receiving a request for a web service and comparing a description of a behavior of the requested web service to a description of a behavior of an existing web service.

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—Finding useful services is a challenging and important task in several applications. Current approaches for services retrieval are mostly limited to the matching of their inputs/outputs. In this paper, we argue that in several applications (services having multiple and dependent operations and scientific workflows), the service discovery should be based on the specification of service behavior.

Another implementation of XML, this standard supplied a language for describing the interface of Web services. Further supplemented by the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration UDDI specification that provided a standard mechanism for the dynamic discovery of service descriptions, the first generation of the Web services platform had been established. Since then, Web services have been adopted by vendors and manufacturers at a remarkable pace.

Industry-wide support furthered the popularity and importance of this platform and of service-oriented design principles. This led to the creation of a second generation of Web services specifications discussed in Chapter 4. Services, much like components, are intended to be independent building blocks that collectively represent an application environment.

Unlike traditional components, though, services have a number of unique characteristics that allow them to participate as part of a service-oriented architecture. One of these qualities is complete autonomy from other services. This means that each service is responsible for its own domain, which typically translates into limiting its scope to a specific business function or a group of related functions.

Behaviour-Aware Discovery of Web Service Compositions

The description of the behavior of the requested web service and the description of the behavior of the computing service conform to a description logic. Based on logical rules of the description logic, it is determined that the description of the behavior of the existing computing service is subsumed by the description of the behavior of the requested web service. For example, users may implement or access a software application to obtain a stock quote or an airline reservation, or to manage aspects of a business enterprise.

Particular functions of software applications may be implemented as more or less discrete components, and may thereby be used in a variety of contexts. For instance, the example just given of software for obtaining a stock quote may be implemented in a software component that may then be deployed into many other software applications, such as, for example, a stock price charting tool or a daily stock price reporting tool. Such re-use of software application components may, among other advantages, increase the efficiency and reliability of the components themselves, and of other applications that make use of the components, as well as reducing software development and maintenance costs.

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But they vary greatly in terms of service characteristics. SOA defines 4 basic service types as depicted below: Business services are coarse-grained services that define core business operations. Enterprise services implement the functionality defined by business services. They rely on application services and infrastructure services to fulfill business requests. Application services are fine-grained services that are bound to a specific application context.

These services can be invoked directly through a dedicated user interface.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)