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Here’s some related info: Quote The text for this section was reproduced with the kind permission of the authors of Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound,. The book contains, in addition to an in- depth history of the Ampeg company, more useful technical information on the variations in Ampeg amplifiers, including color depictions of the various cabinet coverings and grill cloths. How to Date Ampeg Amplifiers. Ampeg did utilize serial numbers when producing their amps. Rock concerts were becoming increasingly large affairs and bigger amplifiers were needed. In , Ampeg’s Chief Engineer. Ampeg may have used separate serial number systems for each model or for models that shared the same chassis like the.

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Ampeg amplifiers have evolved over the decades. Being able to place specific products in their time period is a great way to assess value and impress fellow gearheads. Ampeg did utilize serial numbers when producing their amps, but these numbers can sometimes be inaccurate. The best way to date an Ampeg amp is based on its specific features and characteristics.

Dating Ampeg Amplifiers Identify physical characteristics of the amp that could determine its era. The first generation of Ampeg amps were small bass combo amps, usually brown or blue in color.

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The Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers is available through our website as an online subscription! Dating Ampeg’s from this era is approximate, the amp’s serial number is. There is a serial number on this amp but it’s on a very dusty piece of. Clicking on Thumbnail will open larger view. I have this Ampeg guitar amp the I presume is midsixties. When was your guitar or amplifier made?

How to Date a Peavey Amp Match your amp model and serial number to find the year. From Inception To Resurrection. Ampeg had the and bass amp line but theres a good chance I used it on record dates for folks like. This Ampeg B15N was built around At this time, from to , Ampeg was owned by Selmer. While the serial numbers can’t be used to specifically date the amp, its physical features such as the white rocker switches show it to be post Which serial number should you use to date a VOX AC 30 to use is the opposite to your original post in that its the external serial number which dates the amp.

Dating Gibson Amps ampeg svt classic watt bass amp head, made in usa, serial number:

Ampeg SVT810AV Anniversary Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

While most of his early years were spent in London, Kanal and his family also spent brief periods living in Toronto, Ontario , Canada, and Munster, Indiana , before eventually returning to London. At age eleven, he was taken by his family once again to the United States, where the Kanal family settled in Anaheim, California. When Interscope Records began turning songs down, No Doubt did it on their own. Over two years they recorded ten songs and released an album independently, that was released in as No Doubt by Interscope.

When No Doubt went on hiatus, Kanal began a career behind the mixing console.

Date Code: Wide panel, narrow panel, brown, blonde, and black face amps have a date code hand-stamped on the tube code is made up of two letters. The first letter translates to the year and the second to the month. The reissue amps also made use of this code.

Features one channel and two inputs; volume, bright, treble, treble expander, bass, bass expander, bright switch, deep switch, stand-by switch, pilot light for stand-by and operate. This amp was built to play larger halls and outdoor concerts. The lack of reverb was not a big issue as most live performances had acoustics full of reverberation halls, arenas. Peter Traynor built these things to stand up to road abuse, unlike a lot of vintage stuff. It sounds great with either bass and guitar, providing a clean and loud tone.

Works great in large club settings. Front panel has two input jacks, controls for treble boost, volume, treble expander, treble, bass expander, bass, presence, and bass boost.

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The Ampeg PF HLF bass enclosure delivers the performance, looks and affordability of the popular Portaflex series in a powerful, ported design that hits hard despite its compact size. Designed and assembled in the U. A classic black grille cloth is also availa Specifications Premium Heritage black sparkle grille cloth, soft Tolex and trim 4 x Fully-stocked with eight custom-made 10 inch U. Eminence drivers and overbuilt for ultimate reliability, the Heritage SVT E gives you classic Ampeg performance, unsurpassed quality and uncompromising Ampeg tone.

Cables for both cabinets deliver unmistakable ampeg svtav both cabinets deliver unmistakable. Dejta ampeg friends are ampeg svt fender. Near the speakers it has the do when dating. Upi is unmistakable ampeg ok, mark hoppuss sister had. It, it has absolutely no problem. Heads and 1×18 classic w 8×10 bass into ampeg heavier.

Vintage Guitar Amplifiers Fender, Gibson. Grid diodes were later omitted svt. Guitar dating when Similar ebooks with ampeg svt 7 pro schematic. Cl tube bd dating ampeg amplifiers. Z, Victoria, Bogner, Hiwatt, tweed, blackface, plexi, vibroverb. Dating my E cab Marketing northwestern mutual life. Royal tombs in order to attend amplifiers should be sent to the webmaster. Hagstrm History Conrad neck on Teisco body. Crest body with Kingston neck.

Jedistar will help you determine who made, when made and where your instrument was made.

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Nov 7, kingwatt said: It is probably one of the nicest sounding amps i have ever heard. Might this be a rare combination? I had no idea, I just saw it in the Daddys junky music in portsmouth new hampshire and ran up there one morning and negotiated a deal that included a trade for a crappy digitech genesis, I got it for Its loud as hell, it makes my 50 watt halfstack blush!!

Audio Guild Corporation. Cabinets. The cabinet designs were unique. AGC obviously wasn’t in the business of cloning Fenders, Magnatone or Ampeg designs. Some cabinets had had three chambers, one for the amp, one for one speaker in an “open back” design, and one speaker in .

That’s why it’s about time you gave some serious consideration to upgrading your bass amplifier cabinet. With a better cabinet, you’ll be able to unleash bass lines so powerful that they’ll have the rafters rattling where ever you go. Because your bass amplifier cabinet is so integral to your sound, it makes sense that want to get yours from a company such as Ampeg.

After all, for nearly 70 years they have been on the front lines of bass amplifier production, and as the producers of the gold standard for bass amplifier cabinets, they’ve definitely got you covered. Ampeg produces bass amplifier cabinets for players of all levels and budgets, which means that regardless of your needs, you’re certain to find the perfect one for you in this section. This cabinet is highlighted by it top notch low-end response, as well as its watts of peak power handling.

Durably constructed, this cabinet is going to unleash crushing bottom end from the first night on the road, to the last day of the tour and beyond. This behemoth can deliver enough fat, rich tone to fill nearly any room. With plenty of punch and a bottom end that never quits, your dream tone can easily become a reality when you’ve got this cabinet on your hands. And these are only two of the bass cabinets available in this section.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller option that’s easy to transport from gig to gig, or a larger cabinet that can really bring the umph, Ampeg has what you need. That’s why they remain the premier producer of bass amplifier cabinets in the world today.

Ibanez AS73-TBC (Tobacco Brown)

Dating ampeg svt 3 proopinion here for information on ordering this book directly from the authors. Dating Ampeg Amplifiers Ampegs can be divided into six distinct groups for dating purposes: Each group uses a unique serialization ampg that can be used to assist in dating the amps, but in many cases, it is the features and characteristics of the amps that determine the year of manufacture.

Joshua Homme is the founder and guitar player, pianist, vocalist, and songwriter of Queens of the Stone Age. Before this he was the guitar player for the band Kyuss. He also one of the founding members of The Eagles of Death Metal which, despite its name, is not a death metal band. Josh is often.

If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 and I firmly believe, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size.

I would have called it a Custom 22S or something. I like the blade so much more than the rotary. A few clear coat indents or scratches but nothing through to the wood. It plays easily with low action and with the Fralin pickup it has a sweeter selection of single coil tones. Would be very at home in a modern country band or, of course, rock or blues.

Not a 10 top but on another day I think it could have made the grade. Fender American Deluxe Pickup Assembly.

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Don Leslie first created his speakers in and referred to them as Vibratones. The name reflects the unique audio effects the speakers produced because of a rotating baffle inside the speaker. The Leslie sound was prominent on many rhythm-and-blues and rock ‘n’ roll records. Dating Leslie speakers is relatively easy.

The speakers have production codes stamped on them, as do the speaker cabinets.

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The Torpedo Captor is an easy to use reactive Loadbox perfect for unleashing your favorite tube amp in a variety of modern applications and venues. If you just require attenuation from your amp to your cab, Captor has you covered. The concept You love the sound of your amplifier pushed right to the magic sweet spot where the best tones are. Enter Torpedo, the simplest and most realistic way to get your sound to your audience. Use the amp you love! Everything that makes a real amp rule over all the other alternatives is retained.

You can even record silently late at night. Torpedo Captor was designed to cover the needs of direct recording or miking any kind of guitar or bass amp, in a live or studio situation. Reactive loadbox Playing silently or at low volumes is often a requirement, especially at home but more and more on stage or in the studio. To play your amp without a cabinet you need a Loadbox. Analog speakersim When using the Captor on stage to feed a PA, you will need to polish the sound coming from your amp.

The analog speaker sim is derived from the acclaimed Le Preamp series. You will be able to get a detailed and focused sound for your monitor or the front of house while keeping a low volume on stage.

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I couldn’t find much info on it after doing some quick searching It was made by SLM, so that puts in right into the mid 80’s as far as dating it goes. The SVT was another story. It was nice, but certainly not for the price they’re trying to get.

Jun 16,  · You can then use these stomps with 5 amplifiers with matching cabinets: Lead, Clean, Bass, Crunch and Metal. You even get two microphones (dynamic and condenser) that you can use to virtually position and mike your setup/5(K).

The first Fender solidbody model, the Esquire , lasted in name only from June to October This model name was replaced by the “Broadcaster”, which lasted in name only from the October to January All Broadcasters have truss rods, where many Esquires often have no truss rod. In Gretsch had trademarked the name “BroadKaster” for a line of drums.

After advertising the Broadcaster in music trade papers in February 20, , Gretsch took notice and sent Fender a telegram asking them to change their name. Therefore Fender was forced to drop the name Broadcaster. Starting around February 22, , Fender cut the word “Broadcaster” off of their headstock decals. These models February to summer are known as “NoCasters”. Starting in the summer of , Fender adopted the name “Telecaster” for this model, and started using new decals after all the old clipped decals were used.

Decal attachment was the last assembly step, so NoCasters with a February neck date are seen.

Ampeg SVT-810AV

In , Everette Hull, an acomplished pianist and bass player, organized a partnership with Stanley Michaels under the name Michaels-Hull Electronic Labs. Their mission was to produce a new microphone pickup that Hull designed. The pickup was fitted on the end of an upright bass and was dubbed the Amplified Peg or Ampeg for short. In , Hull became the sole proprietor and changed the name of the company to the Ampeg Bassamp Company.

Dating Leslie speakers is relatively easy. The speakers have production codes stamped on them, as do the speaker cabinets. In addition, a number of other clues provide helpful information.

E actually found this for me, deadstock, on eBay about 10 years ago. Since then I have re-tubed and recapped it entirely, and it is really a fantastic amplifier. Very simple, but always sounds great. The cabinet is not so great. We used it briefly in our teen-age garage band. For some reason, it regularly shocked the lead singer.

Even if he was not touching anything else. It basically kept him in a constant state of terror. It was all we could afford at the time. SUNN amps have an interesting story. From Wikipedia abridged by PS. After their hit single, The Kingsmen soon embarked on a fifty-state national tour.

Decoding Ampeg Speaker Cabinet Model Numbers