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The following is an excerpt from the Tattoo History Source Book: Polynesian Tattoos Polynesian tattooing, as it existed before the arrival of Europeans in the South Pacific, was the most intricate and skilful tattooing in the ancient world. It had evolved over thousands of years and was characterized by elaborate geometrical designs which were often renewed, and embellished throughout the life of the individual until they covered the entire body. Click for more images It was in Tonga and Samoa that the Polynesian tattoo developed into a highly refined art. Tongan warriors were tattooed from the waist to the knees with a series of geometrical patterns, consisting of repeated triangular motifs, bands, and areas of sold black. Priests who had undergone a long period of training and who followed strictly prescribed rituals and taboos during the process executed the tattooing.

The Reasons Why Haitian Americans Distance Themselves From African Americans

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Samoan Marriage Customs. It is customary in Samoan marriages for the family of the the bride to supply fine mats, mats and tapa cloths for the family of the bridegroom. The family of the bridegroom supply food and money for the family of the bride.

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Culture of New Zealand

Archaeological sites dating from the early period of occupation are primarily habitation sites and are expected to be mostly coastal e. Material remains in these sites can include some or all of the following: The colonizers of these islands brought domesticated pigs, dogs and chickens with them, and probably also the Polynesian rat Rattus exulans.

Such customs survived in many cultures for centuries, and while few suitors today engage in feats of endurance to win their brides, it is not uncommon for contemporary women to select the stronger suitor, perhaps yielding on an unconscious level to the ancient instinct of self-preservation.

While tattoos in general are very popular, Polynesia is often credited as the origin of this kind of body art, and as Samoans, we feel a certain obligation to the craft that is such a huge part of our cultural heritage. He was a prolific author with 8 matai titles of his own and decades of experience educating in this field, so his authority on the topic was largely unrivaled. I was the only one who would reply to him in English when he asked a question.

But he was always very kind and patient. I found out later that his English was almost as flawless as his Samoan, and one day he even graciously allowed me to interview him in English outside of the classroom. I had so many questions, and with great enthusiasm he helped me to understand. In my time with Tanuvasa, this is what I learned about the Samoan tattoo: The story is beautifully preserved in the traditional, chant-like song: Says the song a loose translation: This is what we know of how the art of tattoo came to Samoa Two women sisters swam across the deep ocean from Fiti They carried a basket with them filled with tatau equipment and repeatedly chanted the song: Like how Disney re-packages fairy-tales for children.

The sisters in this story were actually demigods, Siamese twins named Taema and Tilafaiga. It was a deliberate effort by who? They nearly drowned diving for the faisua — which turned out to not even be a faisua — and when they finally resurfaced, their disorientation caused them to forget that it was women who were meant to be tattooed.

Traditional Jamaican Marriage Customs

Looking up at palm trees. Solomon Islands This Melanesian country is best known for its many islands and beaches Don’t miss out on the unique Melanesian culture and foods though!

Sep 13,  · American Samoa is a great blend of Polynesia and America. People still live in fales yet eat at KFC or McDonalds. Clothes are cheap, food is a little more expensive.

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Body Art History

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History. Human history in American Samoa dates back about 3, years, making the Samoan culture the oldest in Polynesia. Archaeological evidence dating to that time has been found at eastern Tutuila Island and on Ofu Island.

Body Art History tribalbodyart T This is the best preserved corpse of that period ever found. The skin bears 57 tattoos: The position of the tattoo marks suggests that they were probably applied for therapeutic reasons treatment of arthritis. Pazyryk Culture In , miles north of the border between Russia and China, Russian archaeologist Sergei Rudenko began excavating a group of tombs, or kurgans, in the high Altai mountains of western and southern Siberia.

Mummies were found that date from around years ago.

Samoan Dance

Archaeological evidence dating to that time has been found at eastern Tutuila Island and on Ofu Island. Subsequent outside visitors included other European explorers, Christian missionaries and whaling ships. By the s, Britain and Germany had laid claims to the islands. In March , German, English, and American warships stood ready to go to war over possession of the islands, but the impending battle never ensued because of a hurricane.

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