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Worst toys of the year according to W. H 10 Pictures Dr. She talked to Metro about why she thinks the two are engaging in a harmful romance. How would you describe the relationship between Justin and Selena? She was the good girl and she sort of takes him back every time he shows up again. Justin is out of control at the moment, and it just takes one toxic person to take a fleet of other people down.

Selena Gomez might be sneaking around with a new eye candy! And if fans may ask his name, they are absolutely overwhelmed to hear that it is none other than Austin Swift, the brother of Taylor Swift.

But no, because as these pictures show, she clearly has a thing for YouTube sensations! The year-old actress was snapped enjoying a day out at Disneyland with some friends, one of whom was Austin Mahone. Mahone, in the Paws T-shirt, looked happy to be in Selena’s gang Image: Splash And although there was a big group of them having fun at the world-famous theme park, Selena was seen hanging back from the gang on a couple of occasions to talk privately to year-old Mahone. She looked very cute and casual in a pair of grey leggings, a baggy striped top and studded biker boots which she teamed with a pair of Minnie Mouse ears.

She and Bieber broke up in January after dating for almost two years but despite being linked to the egotistical teen a few times since, could she be on the lookout for love again after welcoming Mahone into her close circle of friends? Mahone shot to fame — in the US anyway — in after videos of himself performing became popular on YouTube and was signed to a record label last summer.

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Meanwhile Gomez, who reunited with ex Justin Bieber earlier this year, recently partied with a mystery man at Sundance. The insider, however, also says Gomez and Mahone have a special connection.

Source When we first met Jake T. But oh, how times have changed since Meanwhile, um, has anyone even seen David in the last two years…? Take a look at all the girls he supposedly hooked up before meeting his current sweetheart: Bella Thorne — Bella and Jake had a super short-term relationship. McKaley Miller — Um, do all Hollywood hookups happen when people meet on set? Bianca Santos — Bianca and Jake met on set of The Fosters, where they were co-stars until Jake abruptly left the show in But before he sadly departed, the two are rumored to have hooked up behind the scenes.

If this story is true, can you imagine how, weird things must be for her and Bianca!? Hopefully there was no drama since the two still have to co-star on the show together! Their love story made fangirls across the globe go crazy.

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Austin in Austin’s career began in when he appeared in commercials. The film wouldn’t be released in the United States until more than three years later due to post-production financing difficulties. He played the youngest sibling of a wizarding family, co-starring with Selena Gomez and David Henrie. During the same summer, he starred in the made-for-television film Wizards of Waverly Place: It was also the 1 scripted telecast of

Selena Gomez Short Bio Selena Marie Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas,to Ricardo Joel Gomez and Amanda Dawn “Mandy” Cornett. Selena Gomez has Mexico and Italian ancestry on her. Selena Gomez met her close friend Demi Lovato during the auditioning for Barney and Friends. in May , Selena Gomez earn her diploma degree trough [ ].

Life and career — He told People magazine, “Her timing, her pitch were perfect, I could see it from day one”. The family declared bankruptcy and were evicted from their home. Her father took her out of school when she was in the eighth grade. Other teachers expressed their concerns when they noticed how tired Selena appeared when she arrived at school. Selena was discovered by musician Rick Trevino , founder of the Tejano Music Awards , where she won the Female Vocalist of the Year award in and for nine consecutive years after.

Behar and Finfer’s request for a crossover album was denied and Selena was told she needed a bigger fan base to sell such an album. Selena wrote “My Love” and wanted the song to be included on the album. Within hours of their marriage, the media announced the couple’s elopement. The album was critically acclaimed as her “breakthrough album”. The singer’s Spanish was far from fluent; [79] EMI Latin executives were “terrified” about the singer’s limited Spanish during the press conference for the album in Mexico.

The newspapers found her to be a refreshing change from Mexican telenovela actors “who were fair-skinned, blond-haired, and green-eyed. Fashion venture, film debut, and Amor Prohibido Aside from music, in Selena began designing and manufacturing a line of clothing; she opened two boutiques called Selena Etc. Both were equipped with in-house beauty salons.

Austin Mahone Says He’s Not Dating Selena Gomez

Subsequently, the girl built a successful career as a model, designer, singer, composer, and songwriter. Way to Success Selena Gomez owes her stunning beauty to her heredity. Her Anglo-Italian mother, Mandy Kornett, contributed with her snow-white teeth, wide smile, and deep brown eyes. As for the rare name, Selena was named after the popular singer of the early nineties.

73 Questions With Selena Gomez | Vogue Whether it’s acting, singing, or appearing on the cover of Vogue, Selena Gomez is doing it all. Instagram’s biggest star invites Vogue in and takes a shot at answering 73 unexpected questions. Selena reveals the last movie that made her cry, the food she can’t live without, and [ ].

And some of the rumors, although inaccurate, popped up repeatedly. Below, Gossip Cop takes a look at five examples. In both and , it was alleged Gomez was dating Austin Mahone. The original claims were sparked after the pair were seen together at Disney. But Mahone himself denied he and Gomez were dating. The following year, Us Weekly tried to revive the nonexistent love connection. At the time, Gossip Cop was assured there was nothing going on between them.

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The two were reportedly set up by none other than “Red” singer Taylor Swift, the media says. Selena and Austin were seen leaving together a Beats Music concert on January 24 in the same vehicle after which they both were linked. Fresh from her nasty break-up with Justin Bieber, Selena is now single and hence ready to get linked to anyone.

No one knows how much truth is there in the rumors.

It’s happening again, guys — after “dating” Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello back in October of , Austin Mahone is back to “dating” Selena Gomez (again). Rumors of the two singers getting romantical began to surface early last summer, and they’ve just re-emerged with full force.

Following this first notable appearance, Gomez had also notably made some other small appearances as special cameo roles in upon and over some other live-action films such as “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over” in and in “Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire”, which was also officially aired and then released in within and around on the same year in Following this special guest appearances, Gomez then went on and starred in the Disney Channel television series “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

The series was a critically top-rated and best-renowned prominent show and a huge commercial success which eventually earned Gomez overwhelmingly numerous winning awards and some prestigious Academy Award nominations. Gomez then later on appeared in numerous other live-action Disney Channel TV series and in over several other Disney full-length live-action films including “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream” and “Disney Channel Games”

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